About WaterPro:
The mission of Waterpro Irrigation is to provide top-quality maintenance service and installation of residential and commercial sprinkler systems, which will enhance the aesthetics of your property while being environmentally responsible. We strive to provide services in the timeliest manner to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our services will exceed your expectations.
Fertigation is a system that will fertilize your lawn through your sprinkler system. This method of fertilizing is a non-hazardous way to having a healthy and beautiful landscape. Using a fertigation system will fertilize your landscape in trace amounts. This method is called micro-fertilization.
Micro-fertilization vs. traditional fertilizers offers tremendous benefits. Traditional fertilizers are applied in large amounts every couple of weeks. More than 50% of these fertilizers will not be absorbed due to run off. Using micro-fertilization will allow your landscape to absorb up to 90% more fertilizer with smaller doses. This method will provide a healthier lawn and environment.
Outdoor Lighting:
Low voltage outdoor lighting can provide aesthetics as well as safety for walkways and driveways without the need for glaring flood lights. Waterpro will work with you to identify the appropriate lighting design and application for all your needs.
Is there a correct time to water?
Yes! the correct time to water is very early in the morning. This avoids burns from the sun during the daylight hours. It also eliminates fungus caused by the dampness from water laying on the lawn over night.
Is winterizing my system necessary?
Yes! We live in a climate where temperatures reach freezing, winterizing your system is necessary. Water left in pipes in freezing temperatures will expand. cracking pipes, fittings, and heads over winter months. To avoid expensive repairs in the spring we recommend winterizing before freezing weather is in the forecast.
Will there be damage to my lawn when I have my system installed?
No! We have modern well equipped pipe-installing machines. These machines can install irrigation tubing without damaging your lawn. It is necessary to dig small holes by hand for connections and where pipe machines are unable to go. All holes are filled and property is restored to its original condition.
How do I know the correct amount of heads and the proper sprinkler heads for my property?
Irrigation design is one of the most important aspects of your installation. As professional installers, we determine the amount of heads and locations. Every property is unique, so there are specific guidelines as to head location and precipitation rate. There are several types of sprinkler heads, each with a specific purpose to ensure proper water coverage.
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